Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Our Clients are Saying

"We chose Octadyne Systems mainly because of the company's thorough explanation of the services it provides. We interviewed four other firms and could not get comfortable with how they could truly add value to our SEO requirement. Octadyne Systems was the only company that we trusted and which was able to provide us a detailed description of the techniques they planned to use. We do not need to change our website, but we do need to increase our SEO to drive more traffic to our website."

Jim Kerrigan,
Executive Vice President & Director,
National Data Center
Grubb & Ellis

Your customers are Online - can they find your Website?

Finding your website on Google and Yahoo should be an easy and pleasant experience. Your prospects and customers search you online by either typing in your business name or generic terms like "Chinese Restaurants San Francisco". Having a professionally done, easy to navigate website is a good start. However, if there is no or less traffic to your website, it does not matter how good your site is.

Every site requires optimization so it can be found on Search Engines - Google and Yahoo primarily, may be Bing - otherwise your business will not get quality traffic in the amount it can get if properly optimized. If you do not know the answer of the above two question or not 100% sure, you need to spend some time and plan for Search Engine Optimization for your website.

As competition for getting on the first page of Google is getting harder and harder, it is very important to improve the ranking of your website within Search Engines. With professional help from companies, like Octadyne Systems, your website can see improved ranking in as little as 90 days.

Below is the detailed description of each service Octadyne Systems will perform to optimize your website(s).

Analysis Phase

  • Website Analysis - Before we begin any SEO work, we need to know where we currently stand. Therefore, we do a thorough analysis of your current website. Here is the list of things we review:

    Can Search Engine Read Your Site: We analyze your website to see how easily search engines can read your website. This is also known as the ability of Search Engine's Spider or Crawler to index your website.

    How Old is the Domain: We will also review how old the domain is as Search Engines can take delay indexing newer domain then established domains. This does not mean that new websites cannot improve their ranking and increase targeted traffic to their website. We do this so that we need can plan accordingly and set your expectations correctly.

    How Search Engines Have Indexed Your Site: This analysis is also called, Search Engine Saturation Analysis. It shows how different search engines - Google, Yahoo, and MSN - have indexed your site. In other words, how many pages of your site they have read - if a search engine has missed pages from your site then no matter how good of content or offer you have on your website, user may not find your page during a search.
  • Keyword & Key Phrase Analysis - The main goal of any SEO effort is to improve ranking for a list key phrases. We review your business, markets it serve, geography it serves, and your website to prepare the list of key phrases to target. This is most important phase of our work. Spending time and resources on those keywords and phrases where there is little or no chance of improving ranking is a waste. Similarly, targeting keywords which users may not use is also a waste.

    A list of key phrases is submitted to you for review and approval. Number of key phrases in this list depends on the SEO package you have selected.
  • Competition Analysis - Using the keywords identified in the previous phase, we do a competition analysis, using five of your top competitor sites suggested by you, to see how they rank for those keywords, what strategies they are using to rank higher on those keywords and how many incoming links each website has.

Implementation Phase

  • Page Code Enhancements - We will update the important page element, like title tag, meta keywords, etc. to enhance the pages for improved indexing and ranking by search engines. This process will be repeated for all relevant pages and will require access to website administration.
  • Content Optimization - Based on the keywords we have identified, your website content will be updated to optimize them. Each page that is relevant for this process is optimized. Pages like photo gallery or Contact Us are generally are not updated.

    If needed, we will add new pages to provide relevant content for search engines to index. Websites generally does not have optimized content for the key phrases so new pages need to be added to provide good content with proper search terms and keywords.
  • Implementation of Sitemaps - We implement site maps that meet the requirements of Google and Yahoo. These XML sitemaps enhances the ability of Google and Yahoo robots or crawlers to index your website.

    Another advantage of implementing these sitemaps is that it ensures frequent indexing of your website by Google and Yahoo.
  • Link Building - We also submit your site to different directories to increase the number of incoming links to your website. More incoming links a website has, more important it is in the eyes of search engines.

    We ensure that we only submit your directories that are relevant, reliable, and have been around for a while.
  • Domain Name Optimization - This is an optional step, mostly for new websites. If the domain is new then we may suggest an alternative domain name, one that is more suitable from search engine optimization point of view.
  • URL Optimization - We evaluate how your URLs are implemented as the use of % or & sign or meaningless page names like page1.html hampers indexing of pages. Therefore, we review and recommend necessary changes to your URLs to maximize the SEO results.
  • Site Submission - Once the site is ready and optimized, we hand submit each website to all major search engines, including Google and Yahoo. This ensures that these search engines will visit your site and index it.

Optional Services

  • Local Search Marketing - Often this service is confused by adding a site to a local site. However, in order to get ranked higher in the local results set, your submission to the Search Engine needs to be optimized. As part of this service, we manually submit your site to:
    • Yellow Pages
    • City Search
    • Google Local
    • Yahoo Local
    • Super Pages
    • Merchant Circle
  • Website Design Enhancements - We can redesign the website to ensure that it is search engine friendly, internal pages are correctly linked, all images have proper image tags, URLs are search engine friendly, and site navigation is user friendly.