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Stunning newsletters, email campaigns, and personalized messages for your clients.

Campaigner8 has all the email marketing tools you need to build your email list and send better emails on our email marketing campaign.

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Our email marketing platform, Campaigner8, lets you create, send, and track email campaigns to retain your customers and get repeat business from your previous customers. Use today’s most preferred form of communication, emails, to stay in touch with the clients you care about.

As a top email marketing agency, we are more than happy to teach you how to use our email marketing platform. 

Campaigner8 Features:

  • No Software or Servers to Setup and Manage
  • Store an unlimited number of contact lists and access them 24/7
  • Split your lists based on customer data, location and more
  • Send hundreds, thousands or even millions of emails per month
  • Schedule your campaigns days, weeks or even months in advance
  • Track all your email campaign data and see each email as it is opened
  • Access all your reporting tools 24/7, as long as you have Internet access
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Generate Traffic

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