5 Reasons ColdFusion CFML is Better than Other Programming Languages

“Should I use ColdFusion to host my website?” “Do ColdFusion programmers still exist?” “Why is ColdFusion better than other programming languages?” These are all commonly asked questions when it comes to ColdFusion.

Adobe ColdFusion has been around since 1995, originally created by J. J. Allaire and then acquired by Adobe Systems Inc in 2005. Its associated scripting language is ColdFusion Markup Language, which is usually referred to as CFML.

While most websites are coded in Java, C++, Python, and PHP, the most expressive platform of them all is ColdFusion. For large-scale custom applications to beautiful-looking websites, ColdFusion will give you more opportunities to express yourself and your small business. Here are 5 reasons why ColdFusion is better than other programming languages.

1. Customization
ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) is the most expressive programming platform that exists today. ColdFusion allows you to perform programming tasks at a higher level than other languages. For people who want their websites to stand out and have a lot of customization, ColdFusion hosting is the way to go. It is also the best choice for those who have complex and large-scale applications. ColdFusion Studio also supports syntax in other languages.

ColdFusion is usually used for websites and applications, and it can handle instant messaging, SMS, HTML5 videos, WebSockets, Adobe Flash Player, REST and SOAP services, and much more.

2. Security
ColdFusion is second to none when it comes to security. In fact, ColdFusion has consistently been the most secure web development platform, and it only had a fraction of the security vulnerabilities that other programming languages have. It is highly secure from XSS vulnerabilities due to the built-in OWASP ESAPI library. It also comes with built-in security functions for encryption, authentication, and hashing.

Many CF applications are in the banking industries, government, and health for a reason. In today’s world full of constant cybersecurity threats, this is the level of security that your business deserves. Since it allows secure applications, ColdFusion is a superior choice.

3. Better Performance
ColdFusion components are faster because they are already compiled. Your website and applications will be built faster, run faster, and perform faster than your competitors.

RAD (Rapid Application Development) is one of ColdFusion’s key strengths because it makes it easier for programmers to work faster. That means that you get your product from us faster than you would from another hosting/programming company. ColdFusion is also scalable, which means that even if your traffic gets random spikes, it won’t crash your website or application. Best of all, ColdFusion has so many tools including clustering, regular updates, and error handling stops which ensure reliability.

4. Cloud Hosting
Adobe has made sure that ColdFusion would have cloud capability for the years to come. Why would you want to host your applications and servers in the cloud? Because hosting on the cloud has better performance and loads much faster. It also guarantees higher uptime, and it loads a static version of your website when the service is done, which guarantees that your customers can still access your pages. While regular servers are more likely to crash as a result of higher traffic, cloud hosting ensures that you won’t miss out on any potential customers.

Cloud hosting is also the optimal choice for websites that have a lot of pages and content, which is usually the case for small businesses and e-commerce sites.

5. Long-term Use
ColdFusion is built for modern-day projects, and it is constantly updated by Adobe to handle new security threats and features. ColdFusion won’t be going away for a long time, and it will only get better and stronger from here.

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